Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Want You, Lord

When tough times come what do we want? We want someone to help us. We want someone to fix the problems so that we can be free of the stress worry or burdens that keep us from enjoying life like we would want.

In our family we have found this Christmas to be a tighten-our-belts type Christmas. I've heard many others in the same place. It is hard work to have a celebration without the freedom to give freely or to host the parties with a feast. It is, however, these kinds of situations in which we can get down to the foundation of what we really want. It usually is revealed to be a filling of an empty part of our hearts or our spirits.

What do we want for Christmas? We want that joy that lights our world in all circumstances. Like a perpetual flame, that kind of joy can never be snuffed out by the want or plenty of this world! Joy, like that, can only come from a loving and good God who sent His joy to earth as a tiny baby. He was sent to teach, serve and sacrifice to make sure that joy would never end.

We need a Savior to free us from our burdens and fill us with joy. The good news is that He has come! He did free us from sin and He has sent His Spirit to fill us with joy! Do you know Him? Do you have His joy? The first step of faith may be hard to make. It is the release of all our efforts and the accepting of His. Even if you have His gift of freedom and joy, ask again! He will fill you again and set you free for today!

This Christmas I pray that you will enjoy freedom in Christ and be filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory! You can have what you really want if you just ask! Go ahead and ask!

Father, You sent Your joy to us as a tiny baby, but He grew up to save us and fill us with joy. I want that freedom and joy every day. Thank You for being a constant source of my deepest need. I do ask You, Lord, to lift up the hearts of those who are hurting because of want and need this Christmas. Help us who know You to be a light for them so that they might see You as their Savior who frees and fills with joy! May joy reign in our hearts forever!
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