Monday, December 13, 2010

No Mistletoe

Yesterday I shared about my vision of God kissing the world and Jesus was born. After contemplating the kiss I have a few thoughts to share again on this subject.

Mistletoe was known as the peace plant in Scandinavia. When enemies met in the forest under a tree with mistletoe, they would lay down their weapons for a day of peace. Today we kiss under the mistletoe. Kissing is also a sign of peace. Though mistletoe is interesting and its history and folk lore are a captivating read, God does not need this parasitic plant to entice Him to peace or kisses.

Gods' kiss on the world, even without mistletoe, was meant to bring peace between Himself and His creation. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. God is willing to kiss us with Jesus the Peacemaker! Jesus was willing to be betrayed by a kiss so that we might have His peace. Are we willing to lay down our arms and receive the peace and love He offers?

Prince of Peace, God of love, You need only Your true self to pour out Your peace and love upon us. I enjoy the mistletoe tradition and pray for peace with those I am estranged when I see it hanging from the trees or hang it at Christmas time. I know that I do not need the mistletoe to make peace. I need only You. You have made peace with me and I should do the same. Thank You for the symbols of peace in our warring world. Thank You for the kiss of Jesus. Teach us to live peacefully with our neighbor. Fill us with peace this Christmas and throughout the year.
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