Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Broken Wall

There is a great divide between God and man. The divide was caused by sin. Christmas was God's wrecking ball on the wall that kept us far from Him. He broke down the barriers. He united us as one in Jesus.

I have often wondered if Jesus ever had a cold or the flu. Did He suffer any of the growing pains we feel or was His suffering delayed until His time had come to bear the cross? Because God came to be fully human in Jesus, I must believe that only those diseases and injuries that would have deterred Him from His mission were spared Him. I also believe that even with a headache, cold or the flu, He pushed onward toward His calling. Maybe the times we read about, where He went off by Himself, were the times He didn't feel well and needed to ask His Father to heal his body so He could go on.

It is my desire that Jesus did not suffer before His passion. He certainly suffered enough at that time! Whatever the situation was, it was meant to be a place of connection for us to our Father God who loved us so much to be one of us!

Father, Your love is so strong it broke down all barriers to our relationship with You. Your strength is never over powering to us, but the power to lift us and carry our burdens. Thank You for being eager to live in the midst of our sinful world so that You could set us free from its bondage. you are amazing to me! I need You in my life!
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