Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Family Tree

Last night I began transferring birthdays from my old calendar to the new. In doing so, I discovered that I was missing a few names. New babies have arrived and I have forgotten to include their little leaves on the family tree. New spouses have come into the fold too. It isn't just the names that are important to me. I like to keep the birthdays and anniversaries as well.

I guess I will be updating my address book, family file as well as the calendar. I like doing it, but finding the time is a problem. This could be a year long project if I let it be, but it does not need to be completely updated as long as I do have names.

Filling up the family tree reminds me of the genealogy lists in the bible. Many people overlook them and consider them boring. For me, I read through them with care. I don't always find interesting bits of information in those lists, but sometimes I am surprised. Mostly, I just read names. Names of people long dead, but real people none-the-less. Like the credits at the end of a movie, God wants to give credit where it is due. Because God is interested in the people behind the names, I feel I should give them at least a bit of my time.

By taking time to read the lists, I have become aware that God is interested in individuals. He knows us by name. He wants our names written in the Lambs Book of Life. He does not need us to be famous or well known to consider us important. I try to remember those things when I work on the family lists. Each name is important and each person is loved by God.

Father, Creator God, Your name is above every name! Knowing that You know my name and call be by name into Your presence and Your service is a great honor! Thank You for considering me important enough to know my name. Help me to be mindful of others who would like me to remember their name, too! Teach me to value what You value and love the way You love!
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