Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Song

"Glory to God in the Highest!" The angels sang. I believe they continued to sing glory to God though He had stepped down from His throne and came to earth. I am almost certain the song continued throughout His stay on earth even though the song was silenced to men.

Glory to God was sung with each miracle Jesus made. God's glory was never more evident than at the cross and empty tomb! Angels singing "Alleluia! Glory to God in the highest!" continue with each sinner saved. Without the angels song our God could not be celebrated as He must be.

Every year I buy at least one new Christmas cd. I have many different artists and many songs to celebrate Christmas. I admit some are secular, but even those have lifted my heart and made me rejoice at the God who would stoop to become a man destined to die for my sins. I want my home to be filled with songs that join with the angels!

Another thought about singing angels is that they left the holy place to sing His praises in the world. We, who are saved, have even more reason to join in the songs of Christmas as we walk in the world. I remember last July when I was browsing in K-Mart, a young woman came past me singing a song I know well because we sing it often in church. Instead of stopping her and telling her it was nice to hear her sing. I joined in and we finished the song praising God for the unity of the Body of Christ.

We need not be the best of singers. We need not worry that we are on key. We only need to let our hearts sing and our voices be the speaker to broadcast the wonderful Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Blessed be Your Holy Name Lord Jesus! Thank You for Your Holy Angels who sing and make continual music at Your throne and throughout our world! Your works must be celebrated, and I am happy to sing Your praise whenever the Spirit leads me! Glory to You God! You are the Highest ! You are King and Lord! Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit forever and ever AMEN!
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