Thursday, December 23, 2010

Surprise Certainty

There is not much I can be certain of in this life. Life changes quickly, and sometimes the unforeseen takes me to places I never thought I'd be. Each day holds surprises and the mystery of each day unfolds sometimes slowly and other times with great speed. I feel comfortable with a plan in place. I don't particularly like surprises.

I was very surprised with our fourth child. I did not expect a baby to be added to our family. When I discovered the pregnancy I was not happy. It took a long while to prepare myself and to enjoy the surprise. Our son, Joseph, has been a delight to us. Oh, he has given us moments of worry, but God is with him, and he is a surprise worth having in my life! He has taught me that some surprises are good.

Christmas is a day when surprises are the norm. We want to surprise our loved ones with gifts they love but never thought about asking for them. We ourselves are surprised with the gifts we receive. The Christmas miracle of God with us is a surprise to all men. Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, Magi, and even Jesus' disciples were surprised that He was God coming to be a part of His own creation. God will surprise us again when Jesus returns to earth as a conquering King.

The bible does tell us of a few who were not completely surprised at His coming. Simeon and Anna, waited their entire lives in the temple courts waiting for the Messiah. They sought Him and were blessed to see Him just as they expected. They were not surprised! There will be seekers looking for His second coming that will not be surprised when He appears in the clouds. I want to be one who expects to be surprised.

Great King of the Universe, You will come again in glory to bring Your people home and conquer evil forever. You are matchless in every way! I don't like surprises and yet, with You, I expect to be surprised. I anticipate the joy and awe that will envelope me in the expectant surprise of Your coming! Thank You for making the truth known to me so that I can keep watch. Open my eyes to see the signs of Your coming and help me to be ready with my light shining brightly to welcome You!
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