Monday, December 6, 2010

Majestically Humble

The Bible does not tell us that Jesus was born in a stable. It only tells us that He was wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger. Mangers could be in a stable or outside. They are simply a feeding trough. I believe it is possible that Jesus was born under the stars, just as much as born in a humble shelter meant for the animals. I suppose that we want Mary to at least have the luxury of a stable to give birth and so we add to the story told in the word.

We know there was no room in the inn and so we assume the innkeeper would offer his stable for shelter. But the Word does not tell us about any such kindness. We assume it was cold because we celebrate His birth in our winter time, but we do not know the true date of His birth. Our story of the birth of Christ is filled with many imaginations. There is nothing wrong with a good story told to share truth, but it is interesting to take only the words of the bible and imagine the story just as it is told.

What would it have been like for our Lord to have been born under the starry sky? His humble birth would have taken place in the majesty of His own creation! Does that idea give you pause as it does me? For me, that thought makes me see Him, not only as humble but also as God of all creation. He needs no human shelter because He owns creation.

Silent Night. O Holy Night. The starry sky waiting to be ablaze with angel song is a fitting place for The Creator, Our Lord, Gods' humble revelation to the world.

Jesus, humble Creator and Lord, You surprise me in so many ways! You are a humble master, a magnificent sacrifice, a quiet voice announcing Gods' amazing love to the world. I can only bow before You. You are Lord. You are King. You are Savior!
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