Friday, December 17, 2010

Humble Obstacles

Would you believe that a fussy baby could be the key to getting a nap? I wouldn't either except today it happened to me!

Abigail was fussy and wanted to be held, so I sat down with her in my arms. I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done. I knew she was tired, but if she didn't sleep I wouldn't get my work accomplished. As I sat rocking her in my arms, I looked into her tired eyes and hummed a little song. She softly relaxed, and I thought I could now lay her down. The attempt failed so back to the couch I went. As she became heavier I adjusted pillows all around her, and then I, too, began to relax. I nodded off quite a few times. I caught a much needed nap at her insistence!

There are many times when we think that the obstacles in our way just need to go away. The truth is that sometimes those obstacles are exactly what we need. Sometimes they bring that much needed rest, like mine with Abi today. Other times the obstacles to our work will take us in a new direction or make us think of a creative solution.

Mary and Joseph faced the obstacle of no rooms left for them to bed down. Their obstacle created a new way for us to understand our God. His birth in a stable revealed to us His humility and love. He did not grasp for the best or richest of the earth. He loved us so much that even in His birth He would place himself as the least of all men so that He could raise us up.

I can imagine Mary, tired from her journey nodding off to sleep with a quieted and sleepy baby Jesus in her arms. The work that needed to be done was just beginning, but there was time to take a rest. Have you taken time to rest today?

Dearest Lord Jesus, You are above all but so humble! You chose the place of lowest position even at Your birth. I struggle often to put aside my pride and walk humbly before others. I want them to know how smart or accomplished I seem to be in my own eyes. Forgive me, Lord. Thank You for being my teacher. Teach me humility and then give me strength to pursue it, only because in doing so I would pursue You! I humbly bow to You!
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