Friday, December 3, 2010

A Busy Day

Today is a busy day for me. I am caring for two babies and a semi-disabled husband, making last minute preparations for our Life Group Christmas gathering, and sneaking time here and there to make today meaningful for my journey of the season.

My Mom used to use the expression "Like a chicken with your head cut off" when we would be jumping from this task to the next and back again. Well today I feel like that chicken! I have been lead by my list and not sat down to use my head (that seems to be lost). It is these times especially when I find it absolutely necessary to put God first.

What do You want from me today, Lord? I am at Your service. Instruct me as to Your wishes and I will do my very best to please YOU. From this time on I will use this day to see my chores as opportunities to minister, and grow in being more like You. Thank You, Lord, for today and the babies, my husband and my to-do list, even if it never gets finished! Turn my eyes to You, Father, because You are my help!
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