Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Daze

You may have noticed that I did not post a blog yesterday. I did not plan it that way, I simply found myself in one of those Christmas daze days.

It began with my regular Saturday morning routine. I cleaned house and then got dressed to do some last minute errands and gift shopping. I did not anticipate the traffic being so congested. As I sat at green traffic lights (yes, they were green) waiting to move forward, I sang carols and tried to be patient. The lines at the stores were not unbearable, but I did find myself shopping longer than expected. The time back home was met with a bit of a rush to get to a party. Rain throughout the day gave the experience a soggy feel.

In all of that I was truly glad that my crazy day was not the norm for my Christmas journey. In the middle of all that hustle I took time to sing praise to God and to enjoy the special music of the season. I took time out for friends, and my heart was filled with gladness to honor my friend at her birthday party. The daze appeared only after I saw that I missed my blog. I thought I had written it and really had, in my head. Christmas got in my way.

It is a good thing to let Christmas take over my life and let me live a life of love and joy. The bad part of it all is letting my attitude snuff out the Christmas Spirit. It happens far more than I would like to admit. Yesterday was an exception!

Yesterday, Christmas happened. I received no gifts, but received the pleasure of putting others before myself. That is what Jesus did. He put us, His creation, ahead of Himself. That is Christmas. That is the best way to enjoy Christmas!

Loving and giving God, You surprise me with the strange way of making things work. I cannot fully understand how Your plan could work so well when it seems so opposed to my thinking. Humility lifts me up. Giving gives me more. Death awakens life in me! Thank You for knowing what is best. Thank You for sharing Your best through Your word! I want Your teaching to change me and take me in a new direction. Teach me, Lord!
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