Sunday, December 12, 2010


Tonight I enjoyed the Singing Trees production of first Baptist Church Orlando. It was delightful! I came away with a special feeling. During the performance I would watch the lights twinkle and glimmer all around the faces of those in the choir. The voices sparkled too! It was a night filled with light! I felt lightened!

It was during the singing of the favorite carol, Silent Night, that a most unusual thought came to me. I closed my eyes and listened to those many voices blend in harmony and I imagined Jesus' birth as a kiss from God to the earth. Yes, a kiss. The vision was of God, holding the earth in His powerful, creative and gentle hands, and lifting it to His lips in a kiss of a Father loving his new baby. Jesus became the kiss of love, Gods' expression of love to the world.

The thought brought tears to my eyes.

Father, thank You for loving me! Thank You for loving the entire world! You are a good Father. You deserve my love.
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