Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I like being alone. I like to daydream and it is best done alone. I like to read, write and create. Those activities are also best done alone without the distractions of others. It takes some effort to get solitude for myself. My full house lends itself to much noise, and so finding a place where I am alone may be possible, but human sounds surround me and remind me someone is nearby. In truth I can never be totally alone.

God has promised that He will be with me always. I am glad He is. Even in my solitude I need His presence. Without Him solitude would be empty, painful and depressing. Solitude in his presence is fulfilling, joyful and comforting!

Solitude is the best way to find God. Jesus demonstrated that when He would go away to pray. Jacob went to be alone before meeting his estranged brother and he ended up wrestling with God. We can enjoy the presence of God in the company of other believers, but when we are alone with Him we receive special attention. It makes me want to find real solitude soon! How about you?

Ever present God, You are always with me! I never need to feel alone even in the solitude that draws me deeper into You. I need and desire those times when I am secluded from the world with only You by my side. Thank You for being near. Thank You for choosing to be in communion with me. Thank You for Your gentle presence. I love You!
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