Thursday, September 2, 2010


My Grandman #2 is now seven weeks old. He sleeps, eats and now smiles. Other than his little squeals and cries for food or being uncomfortable, he has no say in what happens to him. He really has no choice but to surrender to his caretakers. It won't be long, however, when he will exert his independence and learn the finer points of getting his way. For now, he is forced to surrender to the will of others. It is good that he is surrounded by loving and caring adults.

Growing up is a wrestling match. There are times when we find we are on top and the next we are forced to surrender to those with the upper hand. We fight hard to stay in control because we do not want to yield to the power of another. But there is always another to whom we must yield. Thus, the fight continues throughout life. I think that the more mature we become, the less we fight yielding. We realize that we must give and take. It is also true that a fully surrendered Christian relies on God to set all things right in time. We trust that our yielding to others now will be for our good and not our detriment.

Surrender to God through Jesus Christ brings a freedom that we cannot imagine when considering the choice to turn over all our power to our loving and wise Heavenly Father. Our surrender makes it possible for our burdens to be lifted and our life purpose to be fulfilled with satisfaction. We can be free to live life abundantly like a little child protected and provided for by a loving caretaker. Surrender to our Creator is a good thing.

Master of the Universe, You are worthy to take control of my life. You are Good all the time and You are Trustworthy and Faithful! I am so sorry that I wrestle with You over control of my life. I need to be reminded of Your goodness and wisdom and especially of Your great love for me. Thank You for letting me choose, but more than that, I thank You for making the choice to choose You so inviting! Give me wisdom, Lord, to know when, what, and to whom I must yield. Teach me how to stand firm against the enemy who would take away my freedom in You, and tie me up in bondage. I surrender to You today.
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