Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Cooking

Our household is in the middle of a "tighten your belt" season. We are committed to limiting our spending. As chief cook, it is my job to make dinner for the family. With the budget small and the pantry shrinking, it is time for creative cooking.

The best part of creative cooking for me is waiting on God. He always seems to have a recipe that uses what little I have, and He makes it stretch and grow so that we are filled. We may not be eating steak or those really nice meals that we all crave, but we are filled and blessed!

God has not changed. Throughout scripture He gave to those who were in need when it seemed the need was too great. He provided oil when there was not enough. He provided a ram for Abraham, tax money for His disciples, and best of all a Savior for our eternal salvation. When I cannot depend on myself, or when I don't see the meals hidden in my pantry, He provides, He reveals.

Father, You are GOOD! We have not gone without because You are our Provider. You create miracles by making what we have go farther than we expect. You supply all our needs! Without You I would overlook the blessings hidden in the cupboard. Without You I would not trust that we are blessed and have enough. Thank You for being enough for us. Thank You for taking care of Your children! We love You, Lord!
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