Friday, September 17, 2010


I have tried all day to think of something inspirational to write here. Nothing has come, and so I began asking, "Why?" I do not feel empty in the sense of not being with Jesus, nor do I sense a drifting from my source of inspiration, (God). It has been a long week full of people and driving and I am weary.

I am an introvert. That does not mean that I shy away from people, although when I was young I did have a reputation for being stuck up because I was too shy to talk to others. I have learned that being an introvert is simply a designation describing how I get energized. I am energized by time alone. I am drained when with people. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being with people when I've had plenty of alone time.

This week has been filled with many people draining my energy and very little time to rejuvenate. I am out of balance!

Being out of balance makes me vulnerable to the schemes of the enemy. Temptations are harder for me to resist. Doubts about my self, depression, irritability, and overindulging in sweets are the most prominent ways in which the enemy attacks me. I have seen that this week. I am aware of his tactics and I am resisting, sometimes not so completely, but I know I win through Christ!

This weekend I will take time to get into right balance. I will be alone with God and let Him fill me! Next week will be better, I hope!

God, You are my hiding place. You hide me under Your wings and shelter me from storms. There are times like this week that I struggle with going deeper in You. I need more than those few minutes alone with You. Thank You for protecting me from the enemy, making his ways known, and being more than enough so that I could get through this week of battle. Thank You for making me the way I am. Thank You that I need You to be refreshed! I need You. I want You. I ask You to restore me with Your resurrection power!
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