Wednesday, September 15, 2010


37 years ago Patrick and I celebrated our wedding day. Our lives together really started about a year before that. When we met we had no idea that today would be a day of celebrating so much of our lives together. We simply enjoyed being with each other and began to fall in love over deep conversations, and Taco Bell.

We still enjoy deep conversations, but not too much Taco Bell. We have grown to admire each others' strengths, and forgive our weaknesses. We have learned to appreciate our differences. Disappointments and disillusionment have been sprinkled with love making those tough times become teachable moments for each of us as individuals and as a couple. We choose to remember the joys and delights that have lifted us to heights we never would have reached if we had not been committed to each other.

After 37 years we do know some of what it takes to make a marriage work. I admit we have much we do not know. We have yet to face a life threatening illness. We have not had to live with disability in each other or our children. Our lives have not been touched by infidelity or a major breech of trust. We don't need to experience these things to have a good marriage. Our experience has not and probably will never be an example of a perfect marriage, but our desire is to be a living example of Christ and the Church.

When one of us fails the other will sacrifice and forgive. We will work together to see that we each will be all that God has designed us to be. We will be the beacon of light and a tree that gives shade as we live out our vows. today we repeat those vows with the trust that we cannot fulfill them without the help of God. (If you want to read our vows to each other I will post them on my Poetry Impressed blog. You can find it at

God, our Father, You have made us man and wife. You have blessed us with Your presence in our marriage and I thank You! You continue to help us fight the enemy and the world that would diminish our resolve to love each other through all of our days. Today we look back over the years and see Your blessing and faithfulness. We trust in You to get us through to the end. Draw us closer to the goal. Draw us closer to You! We will always remember that a threefold cord is not quickly broken!
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