Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Father

The opening of the prayer Jesus taught His disciples tells us so very much. In two small words Jesus reveals God's desire for relationship with us.

"Our Father", the prayer begins. Jesus himself prayed this for the disciples. His use of the pronoun "Our" tells us a few important things to remember. First, we are not "only" children. We have brothers and sisters. We belong to a very large family. Secondly, our Big Brother is Jesus. He is God's first born Son and we are privileged to have Him looking over us. Thirdly, the word our implies ownership. We claim God as our very own Father.

The use of the name "Father" reveals a very intimate connection to God. We are not just the creation but a part of who God is! We are made in His image. He calls us His children.

I have watched my son, David, father his two little boys. David is ready to protect and play, teach and tell stories, discipline and disciple. My husband, too, has been a father my children called when in trouble, and laughed with in the silly times. We don't always see God as that kind of "Daddy." Though He calls me His child, I respond to Him more like He is my boss.

The Father says, "My children." He, too, uses a pronoun of possession. God recognizes our need to be protected and played with, taught and delighted with stories, disciplined and discipled. He is a good Daddy! He invites us to live in an eternal childhood with Him as our Father!

Our Father.

My children.

Beautiful words that make me smile.

Our Father, you are my Daddy. You are the one I can call when I am in trouble or something is broken. You are my shield and protector. You delight me each day with the fun surprises You make for my pleasure. (Like the yellow butterfly at the ball game last Sunday!) I trust You because I am Yours! Thank You for loving me. Thank You for relationship with You and my brothers and sisters in our family. Thank You for my Big Brother Jesus. I am your child, You are my Father!
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