Thursday, September 16, 2010

Light My fire

Last night after dinner, Patrick and I continued to celebrate our anniversary with reading our vows to each other as we do every year. We then drove home and decided to do something new. We dug out the extra fireworks from the Fourth of July and lit them! It was fun!

Lighting the fireworks took preparation and effort from both of us. We needed a bucket of water and a working lighter. Then trying to light them with the wind blowing was a bit tricky. When the fuse finally took, it wasn't long before we enjoyed the sparkles, crackles and whistles!

It was much like marriage. Preparations are made for the ceremony and every couple can benefit from the preparation for the uniting of their two lives. Discussing the tough issues is not always fun, but necessary. It is best to get a good start on those talks before the vows are said. In every marriage each person needs to be willing to light the spark of romance and love. We also need to make sure we are prepared to douse out the flames of arguments before they get out of control. Preparing for the party is only part of what engagements are about.

There is plenty of opposition to lighting the spark of love each day. Yes, every day the choice must be made to light the fire of love between spouses. Just like the wind last night, the world and the enemy can swiftly make that decision difficult if not impossible! Busyness, irritations, selfishness, and much more can whip up the winds of adversity that fight the flame, and your best efforts. Last night Patrick and I had to huddle together to get most of the fuses lit. We even had to get a new lighter at one point. It is important to do what you need to, and don't give up! The rewards are ready to be enjoyed.

The display of light, color and snaps and pops last night brought cheers and delighted the neighborhood! We had fun! It was worth the effort to push through and make it all happen. The lesson to learn is that marriage can be a fireworks display of delight or a fizzled out disappointment depending on the effort and commitment of both husband and wife. I think God planned it that way!

Creator God, You are the author of marriage. You make a miracle in uniting us together as one flesh in marriage. We can never make it work without You! Thank You for giving us the tools to make it work. Help us to choose wisely each day. Help us to love one another and show us the fireworks!
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