Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stand Firm

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the Devil." Eph. 6:10-11(NASB)

This verse was my memory verse for last week. As I facilitate a Bible Study class on The Invisible War by Chip Ingram, I am taking time to think through the truths about the battle against the enemy. Re-memorizing this verse in a new version made me more aware of my own stance when fighting the enemy.

Do I resist Satan by freezing and trying to become invisible by not moving? Do I think of standing firm as a soldier standing at attention? I am becoming aware that to be ready for the attacks of my spiritual enemy I must keep aware, being watchful but not being preoccupied, of his movements. My stance should be one where I am keeping a close watch on my Commanders' signals, ready to move where He guides. Ready to obey.

When I was a Girl Scout our motto was Be Prepared. When my husband taught Royal Rangers their motto was Ready, ready for anything. Ready to work, play, serve, obey, worship live, etc. Both seem to be great mottoes for our spiritual battles.

We must prepare ourselves by knowing who we war against. We must be ready with our weapons and not turn away from the fight. Our God has prepared us for this battle by giving us all we need to succeed. He has won the victory and we can be assured that He will bring us through the battle.

Almighty God and Father, You are mighty and strong, the Victor over the enemy! I am weak when You are strong! I admit that I am sometimes frightened by the battle and the underhanded ways of our foe. I want to be a good soldier, but I often cower when I should trust You to give me all I need to win. Thank You for preparing me and for providing me with the weapons that are powerful and effective! Thank You for teaching me Your ways of spiritual warfare. I stand firm in Your strength and the power of Your might!
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