Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Someone has said silence is golden. I am finding out that it is true. I reserve part of my day to sit in silence, work in silence, and rest in silence. Silence is refreshing and renewing!

Our world fights silence. We have media of all kinds blasting at us at all times. We need to make a determined effort to visit ourselves and our Father God in the silence. It is not easy to turn off the phone, radio, t.v. and computer. It is not easy to find time away from the noise of family, friends, coworkers, etc. It takes courage to walk away to a silent place, because that is when we hear the things we have been trying to shut out with the noise.

In the silence we hear our own thoughts much clearer. We hear the whispers of God, and in silence, we feel deeper emotions. Silence has a sound. It is the voice of simple truth if we sit with God. Another truth is that we must silence our own thoughts and words in order to hear the still small voice of our Heavenly Father.

Hearing Gods' voice is one of the most delightful treasures in my life. In the silence He speaks words of love, encouragement, hope and direction. We need the silence to wrap around us so that we may hear His precious voice.

It is time to turn off the noise. There will be another time to hear the music, speak out, and listen to the world, but now is the time to enjoy the gift of silence.

Father, You hear my whispers to You in the dark of night. You sit in silence waiting for me to join You in a time of refreshing and renewal. Your voice is all I want and I choose to turn away from the world in order to hear Your voice. Thank You for loving me in the quiet places and in the chaos of noise. Thank You for letting me go deeper into Your heart when the hush falls over me. Speak silence into my life and heart that I might know You more! I love You, Lord!
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