Monday, August 9, 2010

Mom's Birthday

Saturday was a busy day for me. A memorial service in which I read one of my poems, a baby shower for my daughter who is expecting in September, and my Mom's 80th birthday was on my list.

I began my day thinking of my Mom. I said a prayer for her and thanked God that she is still with us. I could not be with her since she lives 3000 miles from me, but I wanted God to shower her with love, grace, and special fun. She would be enjoying a family dinner with most of her loved ones in attendance, I wanted to be there too, but there are somethings that just can't be helped. The Florida family sent flowers. She loves flowers! I am sure she would have preferred having us there, but flowers will do.

During the memorial service, I also thought of my Mom. I asked God to let me see her again before it would be her time.

The baby shower also reminded me of her. She would have been so excited to have been there! she loves babies! Mom is having the privilege of four, yes, FOUR new great grandchildren this year! She thinks they are all beautiful and smart!

Mom has been blessed to live for 80 years. She has seen many changes and she, too, has changed! She has learned many lessons life offers. I wrote a poem for her years ago and i will post it on my poetry blog. If you are interested you can read it at

Happy Birthday, Mom! I am so happy to celebrate YOU! God has richly blessed me with you as my Mom.

Father, You are so wise and good! You have blessed my life with a Mom who has helped me to grow in loving You and loving others. Bless my mom as she gets older. Bless her with health and protection and provision for her needs. I know You love her smile just like I do...You made it just for her! Thanks!
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