Thursday, August 26, 2010

Telling Myself the Truth

"Am I judgemental?" was a question posed by a young woman who has high standards. I can't read the intentions of her heart, but my answer to her included my own experience with judging others. Her response revealed that she was not willing to even accept the possibility that she might be something she did not want to be. She asked a question to which she did not want an honest answer, even if the answer came from herself.

Sin likes to hide in the darkness. The truth may lie hidden under the false humility of asking a question we really don't intend to answer truthfully. We do not want to see ourselves as we are because our "High standards" do not permit that failure in our lives. The shadows of pretense successfully mask the truth, and our sin is not dealt with completely.

Sin is like the tiny thread that dangles from a seam. If we care for it immediately destruction is avoided. If we ignore it there will come a day when the garment is unwearable. Sin is like a stain on a favorite dress. It needs to be attended to with the proper cleaner for that particular stain. Left unaddressed the stain becomes harder to remove.

Honesty with ourselves is the first step toward freedom from sin. If we cannot say we sin, there is no offer of forgiveness and grace. If we think we can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong we wear the mantel of humanism. Where do we find the truth that we must tell ourselves? We find it in God's Word and through his Holy Spirit. It is HIS standard, not our own that we need with which to compare our selves. The light of His Word shining on our lives will spotlight the sin in us. We then have a choice to run and hide behind the mask we wear, or tell ourselves the truth and begin the change.

Light of the World, You are Truth and Mercy. You are the Grace I seek. You are the only way to holiness. My sins are many. I fail often to allow truth to open my eyes before damage to myself and others. Thank You, Father, for being persistent in calling me to repentance. I need Your voice to reveal truth to me so that I might tell myself the truth and make the right decision to change.
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