Friday, August 27, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

We have an enemy that is unseen. We may not see his person, but we certainly know he exists and intends to do evil towards us. We hear his voice tempting us to join him in the evil he plans for ourselves, our families and others. The world does his bidding without much thought. As Christians we must recognize who is setting a plan before us and resist the Evil Ones' enticement no matter how convincing he makes it.

The knowledge that we have an unseen enemy can be frightening, but knowing that we have a Greater God to turn to for help is empowering. God is love and there is great power in love. It is our strongest weapon against evil. No good can come by trying to defeat evil with more evil.

Last night I caught the last part of a show on tv. I think it was Primetime. They were discussing that there are some people who have a certain type of brain function (or lack thereof) that are predisposed to murder. Studies seem to conclude that DNA and brain activity can be factors in determining why some people commit murder after seemingly living a normal life.

The most interesting part about the show was that the researcher began to talk to his mother, who encouraged him to study his family history. It seems his father had a linage of murderers on his family tree, including Lizzie Bordon. He then did studies on himself, his mother, wife and children. The results were surprising in that only one person had the genetic and brain function the same as those of killers he had studied. He had both residing in himself.

Why had he not exhibited the traits seen in the lives of those he studied? He knew there had to be a mitigating factor. He determined that it was the overwhelming love he experienced as a child and as an adult. He was drenched in the love of his family. The power of love successfully overcame his seemingly evil tendencies. He did not mention a spiritual source of the love given but certainly God is the God of all true love experiences.

So what does this have to do with me and you? I think it speaks clearly about the need for love in our lives if we are to overcome the temptations of the Evil One. We must have an unlimited source of love. We must have God!

God You are Love. You are the Source and Power of Love in the world. You are the only defense against the enemy who seeks to steal kill and destroy us. Lord, I want to love, but I so often fail to love purely or to love the unlovable. Thank You for proving to me that it is possible to love those who do not deserve it. Thank You for demonstrating love that comes from choosing not feeling. Help me to love. Let me be a vessel to pour Your love out to a hurting world. I need You and I need Your love!
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