Friday, August 6, 2010

Faith-Filled Dreams

Why is it so hard to let go of dreams and hold onto faith? Dreams can be difficult to attain and yet the desire for their realization tempts us over and over. We grasp for those visions and believe if only we try hard enough, it will happen. Faith, on the other hand, seems to slip away so easily from us with a simple word or circumstance.

Sometimes the loss of a dream causes a loss of faith. It is sad indeed to lose faith over worldly hopes, but we too often choose what we would see more than what we cannot see. A woman seeking the love of a man might surrender her faith to get him. A couple dreaming of a perfect home might manipulate and forget their faith in order to gain what may someday become a nightmare. There are many dreams that have the foundation of faith, but there are also those that have no support. The only way to hold onto faith is to let your dreams be rooted in a faith that is based in truth.

Faith founded on the one true God and His plan for our lives, His wisdom and great love for us, is the only sure way to find our dreams and the desires of our hearts fulfilled. Yes, I have known the sadness of losing those dreams I wanted from the world. I have also had the deep abiding joy of receiving from God's hand the things I most desire.

Father God, You have generous hands. You know my heart and You supply all my needs and most of my desires. Trusting in You is a sure foundation. Thank You for allowing me to dream big when walking hand in hand with You. Thank You for leading me into the best places....those green pastures where You shepherd me safely. I love You, Lord
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