Monday, August 16, 2010

Being Brave

I have a job. In fact I have about three or more that keep me more than busy. However, they do not pay a regular or sufficient salary. I am a housekeeper, a childcare worker for my Grandchildren, and a poet and Inspirational Speaker. Each one of these jobs have many tasks that beg to get done on a daily basis. So, why am I looking for another job?

I don't really need anything more to do. I have a list waiting and growing as I sit here. A different job will replace and limit some of what I do now, but not all. I don't like the idea of looking for employment outside of my home. It has been too many years and I've become comfortable in my present employment. I would prefer to set my own hours (I work best late at night), and plan my days according to the voice of God, not man, but I do see advantages in new employment.

The greatest advantage I see is that I can contribute to our retirement in a more substantial and regular way. Patrick and I have dreams to which we strive. If I can help make them happen it is worth the apprehension I feel about going outside my home to work.

Our dreams push me toward this search. My prayer is for God's direction and perfect and complete will to be done in me. I choose to be brave in taking this step with determination and faith.

Father, You are the Planner of my life. Your plan is good and perfect. You are my Lord and I want to do Your will in all things. The only thing is that I sometimes take my eyes off of You and look to the world to find my answers. Thanks for calling out to me as I take this path. I want to follow You and not a fading dream. Lord, I place the outcome of this in Your hands. I ask You to give me courage to proceed. I also place my passion for writing and speaking in Your hands. I know your plan and purpose for my life will be fulfilled.
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