Thursday, August 19, 2010

Living Water

My favorite woman in the bible is the unnamed woman at the well. (John 4:1-43) I like her not so much for what she did, but because through her story I see Jesus loving a sinner just like me. No, I am not an adulterer, but I have broken the heart of God through my rebellion, selfishness and pride. I believe this woman was sought after by Jesus, and just like her I, too, was sought, found and redeemed!

Jesus humbled Himself when He approached this woman at the well. She was a Samaritan. She was a woman. Jesus in humility asked her for a drink. He had much more to give her than she had to offer, yet without pride He allowed her to do something for Him. She was a sinner and He found value in her life. He looked past her race, religion and sin to bring her what she really needed. Jesus' humility takes my breath away! How many times do I walk past those I think are beneath me? Jesus made Himself needy to this woman. He wanted to lift her up and knew the best way was to humble Himself.

Jesus then revealed Himself to her. He told her He had living water and He would give it to her for free! He then revealed the truth of her need. He did not withhold Himself from her. He gave all He had. Did this woman connect the dots? Did she see that He, being greater than she, made Himself less in order that she could be more? She must have, because in the next few moments she responded.

This unnamed woman tells Jesus she wants His living water and then goes to bring others to experience what she experienced with Jesus. She was lifted up, her thirst was quenched and she brought others to share in what she had found. Her story is one filled with the love of Christ! Her story can be everyone's story!

Living Water, You quench my thirsty soul! You drench me in love and truth! You wash me clean and refresh me. Thank You for being humble, revealing Your truth to me, and filling me with You! I need You!
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