Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twists & Turns

Sometimes as we choose a path, someone calls from behind us and offers us a different way. The problem is now which way do we go? Do we continue in the planned way? Do we stop and turn around knowing there is some sense of security being offered? Do we take the risk to say no to the new and hurry on with the plan because it has been planned that way?

For me, I tend to want to stay put, sit down and visit awhile with the Master Planner. I don't proceed, neither do I turn around and follow the new choice. I really do need to hear from God. I need to seek His face and follow the direction in which He is pointing.

Waiting. It is so very hard to wait when everything within you seems to want to move! Waiting for God sometimes is the most difficult. We strain to hear His voice amid the cacophony of voices from family, friends and even self. Waiting for His time always seems like an eternity. What should I expect from an Eternal God?

Life has twists and turns. The right direction is always toward God. The process starts with waiting for His call to follow.

Master Planner, You are well aware of all that is happening around me. You see me waiting and I am trying to hear Your call. Speak Lord, and I will obey. The twists and turns confuse me, but in the end You will make my paths straight.
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