Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taxi Anyone?

I thought that I drove quite a bit before Patrick's surgery, but my driving time has surely tripled. I drive further and I make more trips than ever before! I can't say I like it!

I have never liked to drive. My parents forced me to get my licence and then it was when I was a full year past the 16 year old right of passage. Back then I was very afraid to be the one who was behind the wheel of what I considered a potential lethal weapon! I am a good driver even though I have my lapses just like everyone. Driving now takes time I'd rather be spending somewhere else, causes stress, and gas prices empty the bank account.

Amid all the downs to driving that I am readily aware of, I've been trying hard to see if there may be any upside. I admit it doesn't come easy, but I have found a few things I do like about sitting in the car at a stop light or maneuvering in traffic.

1. I have an opportunity to show love, for my passengers and my fellow drivers.
2. I find that a captive audience can make well thought out questions turn into treasured discoveries of my fare.
3. Reading the messages people display on their bumper or window become prayer requests for individuals, families, countries and the world!
4. God is with me even in the taxi business! He is a constant fare and I am so glad He rides with me. He is my map to making every trip a witness for Him!

God, Thank You for the Holy Spirit guide that leads me in every way to using my abilities for Your glory! Teach me to submit my likes and dislikes into Your hands so that they can be used to drive Your message into all the earth!
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