Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grommers' Advertisement

I found a surprise email in my inbox last night. It was an email from my dreamer Granddaughter, Paige. I will forever cherish this email. It was sent to about ten people that she has in her address book. The surprise was that it was an advertisement for me!

Paige took one of my poems, typed it up and sent it out with the message that the recipients should forward it to their contacts. She wanted everyone to know about me. Reading her praise of me gave me a feeling of being loved and honored. Yes, I will always remember and cherish her act of praise for me.

Giving praise and honor to those we admire is an act of love. Love compels us to speak out and share with others what God is doing in our lives and who He is to us! Paige has shown great love to me and in turn I can show my love for her.

Praise and worship is not one sided. We lift our voices to the One who is worthy, He, in turn, responds by accepting our sacrifice of praise and filling our hearts with His love and presence!

I know that joy from God and from Paige! Have you experienced it?

God, thank you so much for Paige and her heart that is created to love completely and without shame! Draw her close to You. Let Your Spirit grow in her till she is compelled to share You and Your wonderful deeds with the world! Thanks for speaking to me through her email!
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