Friday, January 8, 2010

Healthy Diet

I struggle with eating/not eating healthy foods. I go for months dining on the fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats that my body needs and even sometimes craves. But then I get a taste of sweet and I go off on a tangent till I face my uncontrolled behavior and rein in my sugar addiction.

When I tell my husband what is going through my head, he looks at me with glazed eyes (not at all as desirable as glazed donuts). He has no idea what I go through in my head when I finally realize how much sugar I've ingested. He cannot understand the grasp this has on me. He really is no help either, because he offers the forbidden sweets so easily and without thought of the consequences to my resolve.

My prayer for the past few months is for God to miraculously break this craving in me. I want to live free. I want to connect the craving to the consequences. The answer to my prayer includes the discipline of taking my emotions to God, not the idol of food.

My emotions blind me from seeing the connecting of cravings and consequences. Emotions are not bad, but I have put them in control of my eating habits and they do not want to abdicate their reign. It is up to me to seek God for help to fight the battle and then to crown HIM as Lord of my food supply and emotion control. Just as Jesus could do nothing unless He saw the Father do it, I, too, cannot eat without seeing what my Lord would eat.

It is, for me, a change of mind, a change of spiritual control and a change of voice. What I think about must be given to my King. The control over my life must also be handed over to Him. It is His voice I need to hear over my own. This is a God-sized fight. It is a God-sized mission!

The battle is Yours, Lord! I cannot do this alone. I have years of proof that I am incapable of changing myself in this area of my life. Take over and let me join with YOU in living life and enjoying a healthy diet. Thank You for caring and Thanks for being my defender against this enemy!
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