Monday, January 18, 2010


I was filling in birthdays on my new 2010 calendar and thinking of the years of each loved ones life. When I came to my birthday I suddenly realized that I was going to be 59 this year! No! That couldn't be right! At least that is what I thought till I did the math, twice!

It seems I don't feel or consider myself that old! I think it may be due to the fact that I am in a constant state of being a young "Mother." Well, not in the strict sense, but I watch young children every day and that makes me feel like a "Mom" of a toddler and of elementary age children.

When I told my friends they disagreed with my thinking and reassured me that I would still feel young even if I had no kids to watch. Come to think of it I may feel younger!!

The point is that as I grow older in years, I can also grow in so many other ways! I can grow in wisdom and knowledge that makes living life in relationship to others, myself, and God so much easier and more meaningful! Growing up into those things certainly fills my life!

Abundance of life is sometimes seen by the world as reserved for the young. I am thrilled to know that Jesus came to bring life and life abundant! He honors those with white hair and feeble steps with the wisdom of experience. In every year that passes He wants me to continue growing.

Oh Ancient of Days, You are full of life! You do not take away my youth, You perfect it. Eternal God You invite me to join You in forever growing and forever knowing You! Thank You!
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