Friday, January 1, 2010

Numbering my days

Psalm 90 records a prayer that God would teach the psalmist to number his days. If I were to utter that same prayer I might ask God "How do I number my days?"

Spending time alone with my Creator who knows the number of my days, I believe that I am to consider each day a precious gift from Him. I am to delight in His love and even in His correction. I am to receive each day as a package sent to me from my Father God. It is lovingly held in His nail scarred hands and presented to me with utmost care.

It is my obligation to learn how to receive the good and the evil within those days as an opportunity to know Him more intimately. In each of my days He offers me the gift of Himself. How many days will I count as a treasure of knowing and loving Him who made me?

Lord teach me to number every day as a day knowing You! Teach me to count every occasion as a dance with You! Teach me to see You in the minutes and hours of of my short life here on this earth!
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