Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Loving Jesus

What do you love about Jesus? I read that question this week and it did not take long for me to answer for myself.

I love that Jesus is Truth. I know that sometimes the truth hurts, but it is a good hurt! His truth helps me to live a better life and to know Him more!

The other day I had a moment of truth with Jesus. After being around some very negative people, I saw myself in a different light because God's word spoke to me. I examined my attitude and found that though I often hear people say that I am judgmental or negative, the truth is that I am not that way at all! Jesus, the Truth, sees my heart and knows who I really am. Coming to Him makes the truth about me known.

I am reminded of a wonderful quote by St. Augustine. He said that after his conversion he saw that " ...the scriptures were not just words to be interpreted; they were words that interpreted their reader." (quote from "Loving God" by Charles Colson p.54) To me that truth and the truth God reveals to me about Himself is why I have come to love Jesus.

My question for you is: What do YOU love most about Jesus? I've been asking others and the answers are mini revelations of who God is! It is a wonderful question! answer for yourself then try it out on someone! I think you will see what I mean!

Lord, we love You in so many ways! Teach us through each other the Truth about Yourself!
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