Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Do You Have to Give?

There are many things we are given that are to be shared with others. God richly provides many things to us. He wants us to enjoy everything he supplies, but He also wants us to share generously with others.

We are lavishly rich in time, talent, money, and our testimony. Oh, but you say you don't have much time, don't have any talent, short on money and , well, without those you have little testimony! The truth is that we are rich in all of those things. Yes, we may find ourselves less full of one or more of these things but we do have them! god did not over look us when He was sharing His goodness with His people!

Time slips by quickly. If we fritter away our time, we will have none to share when a friend in need calls. I know that I let minutes pass by unnoticed and once they are gone I can never get them back. I often wonder where the time went. Some days I accomplish much and other days i while away the time given to me. It is sad that when a need is made known I sometimes have to say "No" because I've wasted my time and now the need to complete my chore is urgent. Time is a precious gift to share because it becomes more meaningful to us when we do!

Talents can sometimes be scary! Yes, they can be hidden because we are so afraid of being seen as a fool or worse that we won't be as good as someone else! The truth is that talents can be cause for others to ridicule us. They can be a source of pride. We want to be the best and so we hide our talent away because we are meant to sing in the choir and not do the solo! Our talents take work and sometimes we are just plain lazy. We don't want to do what it takes to improve or find our potential! Talents are a gift that should be shared because it brings joy and reveals God to the world! sharing our talent brings satisfaction and joy to us also!

Money given is life shared. It is really hard to obey God's whisper when I hear Him say give this much, when I only have a little for myself. The truth remains that giving out of our need is a blessing not only to others but also to ourselves.

It is true that our time, talents and our money is our life. The hours of our life have been exchanged for the money we earn. Taking time out of our day is an offering of our life. Using our talents is opening our lives to others. Giving our life away is a testimony.

So what do we have to give? We have our lives to give! There is no greater love that to offer your life for someone in need.

Lord God, You have lavished riches on all Your children! You have given us life and even when we have our own needs we still have much to give! Teach us to give as You have given! Let us offer our lives as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to You!
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