Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where is Heaven?

Where is heaven? I have a theory, really it is just my imagination, but I enjoy thinking of it now and then.

I think that heaven is all around us. It is the Holy Spirit world that engulfs us. To me heaven is God! I cannot imagine heaven as any other place than in the very center of The Living True God. God is everywhere so heaven is too, in my mind.

I have looked at nature and imagined heaven to be there, but wrapped in the fullness of God's glory! Nature is more glorious, more beautiful and more alive in heaven.

I have thought of loved ones who have died and imagine them in heaven, again, wrapped in God's glory. God revealing their beauty that was meant to be theirs from the beginning before sin. Of course they are more alive in heaven too!

If I am right and heaven is all around me, and it is God Himself, then just maybe there are times when I touch God and enter into heavenly places like John the writer of Revelation. Could there be times when my eyes see into the heavenlies, or hear the heavenly choirs? Could I touch heaven by spending time alone with God? I think so.

Father, I do not have the answer to where heaven exists, but You have said the Kingdom of God came to earth when You sent Jesus. You have said it is with us and I want to believe that! I want to believe that to be absent from this world I will be eternally present with You! Father, wherever heaven is, I want to be also! Open my eyes to see, my ears to hear, and my mind and heart to receive Heave, to receive You!
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