Saturday, January 9, 2010

Costly Obedience

Obedience is costly. When we choose to obey Parents, the law or God we pay a price.

We give up control and for those of us who like to be in control that is a high price to pay. Then there are times when we come against opposition to the path of obedience and we pay the cost of a change is relationships or our circumstances. Obedience is NOT easy!

There are times when obedience will force us to stand alone. There may be people on both sides of an issue who will oppose our walk with God. Like Paul who found himself criticized by both the followers of the way and by the Jewish community we must stand firm with God.

Solitude. It can be a dangerous, lonely, and costly place to stand, but God will never let our obedience go unrewarded! The question for today is: Am I willing to stand alone in obedience? Am I willing to live a life of solitude, knowing that my reward is Jesus Himself?

Father, I want to belong and yet I am called to obey You in some matters that put me on the outside of a group. I must depend on You to help me stand alone in the world but never alone in You! You have promised to be with me always and I want very much to choose You and Your way! Lead me Lord! I depend on You!
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