Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Watching

What do people watchers watch when watching people?

I've joined a new group study with about 40 women. Last week was our first meeting together. I had every intention of joining in discussions, writing notes and doing all the things "good" participants do. Instead I felt very overwhelmed and lost to the point of tears. It had been a long hard day and I wasn't feeling well. All of that played a part in my trying to swim but sinking like a rock.

Yesterday was the second class. I again went into the meeting intending to be a "good" participant. Soon into the meeting I stepped back in my mind and began to watch. I did not write down note feverishly worried I would miss something important. I did not look for the opening in conversations so that I could jump in to tell my story. I just watched. I watched the teacher, those at my table, and others around the room. I was a people watcher last night.

I watched expressions and body language. I watched for interactions between ladies. I learned much and even heard more and joined in to the discussions!

I guess what I am seeing as the truth for me is that when I put people first I find my time is well spent. I may not get all the answers down. I may not have all the blanks filled. What I take away is a connection. I take away a sense of what God sees when I people watch.

One other truth I am aware of today is that God is watching me! He watches. He sees when I need Him. He is ready to give a word or a helping hand. What a lovely thought! He is watching me watch the people He loves!

God, Seer of all, All-knowing Lord, teach me to see when others need me. Prepare me to give generously to others in need! Thank You for showing me the value of taking my eyes off of myself! Let me be like You!
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