Saturday, February 27, 2010

What Does It Take?

What does it take for God to get our attention?

Last week a friend of mine had a heart attack. She is young and apparently did not have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes problems. She does work three jobs, smokes and has no interest in maintaining a relationship with God. When I talked to her after she got home from the hospital, she seemed surprised that this could happen to her when she was so healthy.

Could it be that God wants her to know that He is the one who keeps her heart beating? Is it possible that God wanted to get her attention and draw her back to Him?

If it is true for my friend, it is also true for me! What will God need to do to get my attention? What is He trying to tell me? Am I turning a deaf ear to His voice?

Father, You are good and You have only good things planned for my life. You are faithful and trustworthy. I confess, though, that too often I decide to do things my way. I choose the way that seems right for me, or just plain fun for now. It doesn't last. Thank You for continuing to speak to me. Thank You for not giving up on me! Thank You for letting me have second and third chances! Teach me to wait upon You, Lord. Teach me to not only listen but also obey You!
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