Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am participating in a study at our church called The Significant Woman. It is a study about pursuing God and His Unique design for my life. I was invited to attend and after praying and discussion with my husband, I said "Yes" to the commitment.

I have attended 3 weeks of the study, worked on homework, though I confess I have not followed through on every detail of the outside suggested activities. so far I have wondered why God has me in this class. Each chapter, so far has been a repeat of something I have already done. I find that I am only doing an overview of each topic.

The question I have for myself is am I supposed to go deeper? If so where should I dive in? There is not enough time to go deeper into every area.

Father, You have led me to this place. open my eyes to see where You want me to join You in the discovery of Your purpose for my life. Teach me and open my heart to all You have for me.
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