Monday, February 8, 2010

The Sower and the Seed

Jesus taught many lessons in His parables. After reading through them time and time again, I sometimes think that I will not learn anything new from them. It is when I gather new information that the stories become new and I invest myself into a new way of seeing my relation to what Christ was saying. Many time that comes from listening to other disciples and their stories of walking with God.

Yesterday I was reading about farming in Scouting the Divine by Margaret Feinberg. she mentioned that though a farmer is aware that some ground would not be good for growing a large and prosperous harvest, it could produce something and so some seed is scattered. Margaret then related that information in a personal way. She admitted that within herself she has good soil as well as rocky, weedy and shallow ground.

I had always looked at that scripture as telling me that my heart contained only one of those types of soils,and the judgement of my heart was its fruitfulness. I was faced with the truth that I must admit I knew by experience. I can be part of each soil type depending on the place the seed of God's word falls. God works the soil in every part of my heart, giving extra encouragement and care in those areas that need it.

Growing in character that resembles Jesus is a huge task! He instructs us to be holy as He is holy! I must learn to submit to the plow that digs deep, the removal of weeds embedded with deep roots, and hard rocky places that demand breaking. I may produce a rich harvest in creative expression, but allow weeds or rocks to steal the harvest of generosity or self control in me.

Father God, creator of the earth and its fruit, thank You for sending me this message that changes my understanding of Your Word and how it applies to me personally! I still have much work to be done before my field will yield the harvest that You intend ! I want to submit each day, not just learn about it! Keep pointing me to those places that need attention! Do not turn away from my stubborn will that would refuse Your wise touch!
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