Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fast of Forty Days

Lent begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. It is a traditional time of fasting by Christians the forty days before Easter. For me, it has traditionally been a time of abstinence from poor choices and a voluntary conscious choice to exchange my bad habits for something good. It is a time for me to place God's desire for my life as a priority. Since I struggle in the physical that is where my focus lands during this time.

This year I again choose exercise! As a writer I spend hours sitting before the computer or my notepad or journal. I am not athletic and prefer not to sweat! A few years ago I started an exercise program that I enjoyed, but increasing my level of activity caused me some foot problems that stopped me from proceeding and since then I have fallen back into my old habit of minimal exercise. The next forty days will change that (I hope).

Exercise can be a wonderful tool to help me reflect on Jesus' suffering. His body was fully human and He felt pain just as I do. In my exercise time I plan to memorize scriptures. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Exercise in this regard becomes a fast from procrastination and laziness, unhealthy behavior and not caring about the body God gave as a gift!

Father, God, You know the struggle within me as I make these plans. You know my fears, doubts and my hopes and commitment to learn from You, and honor Your gift of LIFE and my physical body! I depend on You to lead me and help me through these forty days. It is only by Your power that I can reach my goal. Thank You for being my life coach and my trainer!
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