Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Growing Up

The last few days I have been hard at work painting a purple room for my granddaughters. They have been begging for a change for months and it was time to renew and refresh their private paradise!

We are not finished replacing the clothes and toys and all the paraphernalia that little girls collect. It will take a couple more days to put it all together. It was time to enlist the girls' help so that this room would be theirs. I've asked the girls to go through their things. They have been instructed to put their items into three piles: keep, throw away and sell. I've promised they can have a sale and sell some of their things to make some money. They were excited about it today but there is a possibility that the excitement will wear off in the next few days. But for now they are growing up!

They are enjoying the beauty of purple, promises of cash, and a chance to prove they have grown up and can take better care of their room! I am so blessed to be here to see it all happen!

Lord God, You have created beautiful colors and today we delight in purple pleasures! You have given all of us a chance to grow up. We are rich because of You! Thank You for purple. Thank You for little girls growing up and for the refreshment of a renewed room!
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