Thursday, February 25, 2010

His Testimony

Monday night I gave my testimony at the Significant Woman study. I confess I was a bit nervous. I usually am. It is not talking in front of crowds that scares me. It is the uncertainty of being vulnerable.

What will they think of me? Will they understand what I am trying to tell them? Will they see me differently? Better? Worse? These are questions I wrestle with when opening up a part of my life to a crowd. I assume others have those same questions.

I have learned that in telling my story it is not really MY story! It is God's story. I only tell what God has done in and through me. It is a collaborative effort only in that I accepted the challenge to let Him change me. If others see me differently, or I loose face in the heart of men, it matters not. It only matters that I lift up His name and give Him glory!

My advice to anyone choosing to share their story is to put God's actions in your life top billing.

Almighty God, You have done miracles in my life! You have changed my heart, You have made me Your Daughter! No one can do what You have done! I know that I may not have shared the story of You working in and through me perfectly. I agree that pride continues to hold a place in my heart. You are working on that, Lord, and I thank You! Thanks for continuing the work You began in me! I trust in You to finish it so that YOU will get all the glory! Now I ask that as my friends accept the challenge to share, You will guide them and use them to reveal Yourself. You are God!
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