Saturday, February 13, 2010

Planting Seeds

Valentines Day is tomorrow and so I went to find a gift for my dear husband. He had mentioned that we could go buy some flowering plants to put in our front garden. Then I saw the seeds!

I am not a dig-in-the-dirt girl. I am not thrilled with getting dirt and muck under my fingernails. I don't enjoy the feel of soil running through my fingers. But my husband does. So I thought if I joined him in planting the pots that I bought we could have some memories to keep and cherish for this Valentines Day. I hope it will warm up just a little so we can plant without freezing my fingers as well as dirtying them!

Does my life plant the right kind of seeds in others lives? Do I bless others with flower seeds of encouragement, appreciation, and prayer? Do I offer vegetables rich with vitamins to others so that they will grow strong in faith, and become hungry for more of Christ? Am I scattering seed with expectation of harvest? Am I preparing with love and tenderness the soil in which my seed will land?

Father God, Sower and Harvester of souls for Your Kingdom, I want to join You in the work You have planned for me! I do not pretend to be a farmer or to know much about planting seeds, but I know that You are wise and will show me the way! Teach me to first of all allow You to plant in me! Then give me the seeds to invest in others!
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