Monday, February 15, 2010

Living Values

In the Significant Woman class I am taking we are finding our core values. It has been an interesting exercise and certainly good to focus on what I value deep inside my heart (as if I didn't already know). I guess narrowing the list down to four or five solid core values makes it worthwhile.

I have questions about the next part of the chapter, however. Though I hold these values at the center of my heart, is it possible I do not live my life by them? The second half of the chapter is leading me to make a habit of living by those values.

I admit I fall short of perfection in living out my core values, but I do stretch myself and aim to make choices based on them. My goals for the year are focused on those values and even the things I grieve most over are my times of failure in those areas. So what am I to take away from this lesson?

1. Knowing my core values is crucial to living them out.
2. Living out my core values must become habitual.
3. When core values take root and grow, my life will be filled with significance.

Father, I come to You today knowing You are Wise, the Giver of all good gifts, the Author and Finisher of my faith. You are doing a wonderful work in me. You are sowing seed, watering and tend to the weeds that try to choke out the life You plan for me. What is it You want me to do with this class information? What do You want me to know? What do You want me to do with it? I am listening for Your voice. I want to follow your leading!
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