Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kind deeds sometimes get overlooked. When that happens the one who tried to be kind can feel unappreciated and used. It is sad and impolite to not thank a kind person for their generosity, caring, or unselfishness, but it happens all to frequently.

I sent an email today hoping to give a kind word to someone who seemed a bit disheartened. I hope she was encouraged. I hope she knows I understand.

My dear husband listened to me and I recognize that he was being kind (although he was a captive audience in the car!) He even told me he didn't mind when I apologized for talking too much! It was sweet and an act of love!

My daughter cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, and watched the Grandman for me while I took my husband to PT. Her work was a kindness to me after a busy day. she was and is a blessing in my life.

Every day we receive a word, a listening ear, or a loving act of kindness. It is important to remember to thank the giver.

Giver of all good gifts, You have been kind to me in so many ways! You gave Your self as a sacrifice for my sin. You listen to my every prayer. You send me messages of encouragement and hope! You are perfect kindness! THANK YOU! I know that Your kindnesses have cost You much and I appreciate them all!
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