Friday, February 5, 2010

I Have to Laugh

After posting my last blog, I have to laugh at myself! I've been scared, worried, angry , frustrated and generally pounced on by the enemy!

Did I anticipate the good in the situations I faced? Well, I can't say I did in all cases. Yep, here I am "anticipating" and I take a small little trip over the edge of forgetfulness. I forgot to anticipate the good that God has for me in every situation. I let my emotions guide me.

Lesson: Let faith guide me not my emotions! Don't just SAY what I believe but DO it!

Father, Please forgive me for not acting on the trust I have in You! forgive my failure to live my life with faith. You are most loving and most faithful in EVERY circumstance and I must live out that truth every day! Thank You for picking me up and letting me see the mud on my face! Now that You have cleansed me from it all I can laugh at my foolishness! You are all I need!
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