Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To Dance or To Wrestle

I love to dance! Certain music causes me to move my body in harmony with the beat and melody. Today I enjoyed a dance with my Grandman! He relaxed in my arms as I stepped around the room singing to the music. It will remain a sweet memory!

I also have been dancing with my Lord today! Our dance was a dance of words and intimate quiet moments. He spoke. I answered. We both listened and settled into the presence of one another.

Sometimes the exchange I have with Him is more of a wrestling match. My stubborn heart pushing Him away and yet, pulling Him back again to keep Him close.

The dance is easy and lovely. In the dance I make small changes to follow His every step.

The wrestling match is gritty and difficult, but in the wrestling match I make big changes! I am challenged to know the truth and to adjust my stumbling steps to keep up with him.

In both He is the One I must rely on, trust in, and allow to lead. In both He is close! I want Him near me always and so I continue to dance and wrestle!

Thank You Lord, for being a Dancer and a Wrestler! I want to be near You.
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