Monday, March 1, 2010

Mission Statement

Years ago I wrote a mission statement stating the following:

My Mission is to communicate God's truth to families in creative ways;
To put aside my wisdom, strength, and riches so I may understand and know the Lord God of kindness, justice, and righteousness, and to build my family on that understanding and knowledge;
To write in order to strengthen, support, encourage, and celebrate family relationships in loving one another.

Recently, I have rewritten my mission statement, simplifying so that my focus is clear and precise.

To communicate God's truth to families, helping to strengthen, encourage, and celebrate their relationships with God and others in inspirational and creative ways through writing and speaking.

Father in Heaven, you alone know the purpose and plan for my life. You reveal it to me through Your word, Your, Spirit and Your people. This statement that I have made is only a glimpse of what You have for me. You continually open my eyes to what You call me to do. I want to be faithful to You and Your calling. If I am amiss in my vision correct me. Set me on the straight and narrow path to complete the work you have for me to do!
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