Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Muddy

John 9 is the story of the man, blind from birth, that Jesus healed by making mud from His spit. I often cringe a bit when reading about that. I do wonder how Jesus performed this task.

Did He use just the tips of His fingers to mix the mud? Did He work His whole hand into it, or both hands? How dirty did Jesus get?

How did Jesus apply the healing mud pack? Did he use one or two fingers, or did He take both hands and mold the mud over the mans' eyes?

Of course, Scripture does not tell us these details. It is left to our imagination. I can imagine both ways but I like the idea that Jesus would use His entire hand to mix and mold over the mans' eyes. I like that visual because I think it would bring a sense of security and confidence to someone blind. Not seeing what was happening, I would think that a firm touch would give a sense of authority more than a light touch. I guess the important thing for me is knowing that Jesus would touch with a love and power greater than I could ever imagine!

Jesus, You are the lover of my soul! I fail to see You clearly many times during my day. I want to see but I am blinded by the world. Thank You for loving me enough to get dirty for me so that I can see. Heal my blindness and give me sight that give You all the glory!
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